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Google mapping and fusion tables exercises

Here’s a link from a Google mapping and Fusion Tables session Friday afternoon, containing links to sample data sets and instructions for trying the tools for ourselves:



— Phil Tenser, KMGH

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3 things I hope ONA13 can answer for me

Seen on a walking exploration of downtown Atlanta Wednesday night.

Seen on a walking exploration of downtown Atlanta Wednesday night.

Since I pushed for the opportunity to come to this conference, I should probably have a more eloquent way of saying that “I wanna learn some neat stuff.”

But really, that’s the primary goal. I want to meet people and hear about newsrooms that are doing things that challenge my standard approaches.

Before you can find answers, young grasshopper, you need to find the questions– Isn’t that how it goes?

So here are the three things I hope ONA13 will answer for me:

  1. How have the best organizations managed the discordant duo of the immediacy of digital journalism and in-depth storytelling of the BIG-J variety?
  2. I (we?) typically think about journalism with true depth on the WWW and journalism for “snacking” consumers on the apps. Has anyone got good plans for putting in-depth investigative journalism onto mobile devices?
  3. Big data seems to be a (fascinating) big theme in the journalism world, the ONA conference and all of the IRE publications I keep getting. How can I get a start on those journalism tools, and on creative presentations for the resulting data?

— Phil Tenser, 7NEWS

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