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Bag A Troll

Presenter: Peter Dykstra – Publisher, The Daily Climate & Environmental Health News
@pdykstra | http://ehn.org

Would it work to have a “Troll of the Week”? Using shame as a deterrent?

Boston paper: They pay outside company about $5,000/month to moderate comments, then two regular people serve as moderators for Red Sox/Patriots forum.

Having columnists/reporters go into the comments and post has changed the tenor of the debate, but only when the reporters/columnists are men.

When it’s women, they get attacked. It’s a safety issue for female journalists and female commenters when they have to use their real names.

Some sites have a “bozo” feature – they get banned but they think they’re still posting.

UT San Diego – has hired company to moderate comments means nothing remains up for more than an hour. Comments have to be moderated.

Livestrong site: Using FB comments has been helpful. About 60% women on site. Still have people post fat shaming remarks, listing tempting foods in threads about dieting, also problem with pro-anoxeric posts

Martha Vineyard’s paper: Has had sources refuse to talk for a story because they don’t want to be subjected to the comments online. (This is my worst fear.)

Question from woman w/ Site that deals with intersection of LGBT/spirituality: Where are the sites that have good commenting?

Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates and NPR’s Code Switch mentioned as good examples of well-policed and thoughtful comment boards. Coates spends a lot of time there, NPR is quick to ban comments but always says exactly why.

Yahoo: Has invited trolls to create content for their site and let them see, subtly, how it feels, to get comments that are super critical

Cagle editorial cartoon site: what about dealing with institutional trolls? In response to a controversial cartoon, subject asked his supporters to flame Cagle, which got 10,000 comments, about 3,000 death threats.

Yahoo: Suspects that most of us have institutional trolls, but we may not know it because they don’t represent themselves that way.

Wendi C. Thomas, The Commercial Appeal


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Google+ makes a strong argument

The Pro Level Social event invited short presentations from representatives of Storify, Twitter and Facebook.

Notably, the Facebook representative took considerable pushback from people who wanted more firm answers on how to game the EdgeRank system and get more impressions. 

More interesting than that, however, was the pitches made my the almost forgotten Google+. They are leveraging their search engine dominance to make that platform a valuable, but possibly indirect, click driver.

G+ boasted: authorship tools with analytics, auto hashtags based on syntax, YouTube merging, card appearance in search.

The problem: they didn’t offer any concrete stats for success rates, like Facebook did (14.5 mins spent on mobile each month, 57% higher engagement level on posts that include “breaking news” and 10% more on rapid posts in breaking situation)

….. Also at this session I met Mark Luckie, now of Twitter, who I’ve long admired. It was a nerdstruck moment.

–Phil Tenser, KMGH


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Bring Your Social Game to the Pro Level

Burt Herman – Vice President of Editorial, Livefyre (Storify)
@burtherman | http://storify.com

He says:

Did you know? Storify has a plug-in on Chrome.

Announced today: If you’re a verified site (like NPR), Twitter creates “Related Headlines” to show where else that tweet got linked.

GIF: Google has a “gif” in API to search for animated GIFs! You can drag and embed into stories.

BTW: Yes, Storify has merged with Livefyre but… Storify is still free.

Hey, I know that logo! SHWire D.C. Intern’s tweets on the big screen as part of Herman’s presentation

Meghan Peters – Strategic Partnerships, Journalists, Facebook
@petersmeg | http://facebook.com/groups/media.publishers/

She says:

819M global monthly users

14:29 minutes spent on mobile monthly

FB drives 2X the traffic of Twitter. (What does this mean for Scripps, since you can’t access our premium content via SM unless you’re a digital subscriber? Are we cool with missing out on this traffic/opportunity to lure subscribers?)

Best content: personal, expresses identity, is visual.

57% more traffic on breaking news when you use hashtag #breaking

Seeing more journos getting good engagement via longer FB posts/commentary in status update and/or notes.

Graph search is EVERYTHING: search photos, video, good way to crowdsource, etc.

Wendi C. Thomas, metro columnist, The Commercial Appeal


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