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Are pageviews dead?

Companies say pageviews are dead, but we use them every single day.

Pageviews are useful because everyone can measure them, but a consequence of them is mugshot galleries and BuzzFeed listicles. These are eamples of juking the stats to drive more pageviews.

We are all stats jukers in that we promote our content in different ways every day. So making real sense of our pageviews involves controlling for promotion when judging performance.

Things that did well consistently at The New York Times:
– things on the home page (but there is a point of diminishing returns when it’s left on the homepage for a long period of time.)
-things shared by The Times’ main social media accounts
– local content, as opposed to wire articles
– magazine, opinion, science and fashion articles, but they get a great deal of promotion (business, U.S., world news and sports stories received almost no promotion but their pageviews did fairly well despite that)

It’s interesting to note and important to be aware of how much our decision on where to put articles and how we promote them affects their pageviews.

The next step should be how to make this actionable. Figure out what does well and how we promote it (note: correlation doesn’t equal causation!) and go from there with a plan.

– Naudia Jawad, The Commercial Appeal

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