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Matt Waite’s drone

Drones are not legal for news organization use. Some regulations that may allow their use could be in place by early 2015, but Matt Waite, a Pulitzer-prize winner who now teaches journalism at the University of Nebraska has one and demonstrated it for the ONA13 throng.


Nate Silver’s eight cool things journalist ought to know about statistics

1) Statistics aren’t just numbers.
2)  Data requires context
3) Correlation is not causation
4) Take the average, stupid
5) Intuition is a poor judge of probability
6) Know thy priors aka know your preconceptions
7) ‘Insiderism’ is the enemy of objectivity
8) Making predictions improves accountability

Bonus quote: “A bet is a tax on bullshit.”


Great phone app resource for journalists

Jeremy Caplan, Director of Education, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York shared this really great list of smartphone apps of interest to journalists. In his session, “21 Ways to Awesome-ize Your Mobile Toolkit,” Caplan covered several ones I have never tried that look awesome. The app space is changing so fast; it’s hard to stay abreast.

Share this link with your newsroom colleagues.


Collab/Space Atlanta showcases media startups


A pre-event ONA event on Wednesday showed that lots of people are thinking of interesting new approaches and new models to news (broadly defined), marketing and social media.

The day-long workshop included presentations, a brain-storming exercise and brainstorming solutions to challenges for specific startups that presented at the workshop.

The photo above from MediaShift shows the breakout group I was in on a site and venture called Clear Health Costs.

Here is some coverage from PBS MediaShift, the organizer of the workshop and which was hosted by MediaShift’s Mark Glaser.

Here’s a Twitter stream from the workshop.

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