Tools and tips from UGC Gold panel

Some tools discussed during the Crowdsourcing the Experts for UGC Gold panel:

Verification Junkie: Verification tools and background info

Advanced Search on Twitter:

Geofeedia (premium):

Social Mention:

Tips from the panelists and the audience:

Get it right!

Talk to people how you would talk to them in person.

Ask yourself “Would I answer that publicly?”

Think about things your audience is passionate about.

Tell users you need help, because you do.

Search for swear words in the case of breaking news, as people will often swear on social media when shocked/surprised/upset.

Be human, and be skeptical, but not overly skeptical.

Be ready to let the audience shape the story.

Structure your callouts using specific questions and let people know what to expect from their efforts.

And remember, sometimes social isn’t the tool to use to get what you want. Something to ponder.

Tap into existing crowds and communities, but also be ready to grow a community and then ask them for help.

Pay attention and interact on slow news days, so when news breaks, people come to you.

– Naudia Jawad, The Commercial Appeal

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