Million dollar idea?

Does anybody know of a map and timeline mashup tool? The question came up during my group discussion in the “Oops, we broke the article machine” session.

I asked on Twitter, and quickly got a few pitches… But I don’t know if any actually do this. What we imagined was a map that changes (or has points appear) as you progress through a timeline. Under each point on the map could be the report from that location.

Each group was given a scenario and asked to answer alternative ways to tell the story. Other interesting ideas: face grid of reporters and sources that click to reveal what they are reporting, another wanted to link a timeline with charts of data for election trends, several brainstormed apps that show projections that could be geolocated for politics or climates. My favorite may be a White House petitions style method for news tips.

And here is a photo of the scenario form my group was given:


–Phil Tenser, KMGH

Updated: An alpha test of a possible solution was announced on by KnightLab in the same day I wrote this post:

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