Is data the chicken or the egg of a story?

I asked that silly question about half way through the Civic data discussion. Here are my notes on the discussion, with twitter handles of the speakers.

Is data the chicken or egg of a story?
@elisewho Better mining communities to find what questions are being asked
@antheaws But could it get too localized?
@danmelton suggests a solution is to compare data to elsewhere, add context – common j practice.
Elise suggests “beautiful visualizations” show context well
@saraschnadt hopes literacy of a meta view will evolve and grow
Elise says NPR is wary about bad charts and bad graphs. Reminds me of USAToday chart of the day
Dan says consumers are “me centric” but that empowers readers to take more action with the data we provide
Elise says her best stories come from questions
Anthea says she looks for data-driven stories, but to me those seem predictable
Sara says censusreporter project is about both, finding questions to ask and answering those that exist


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