Bring Your Social Game to the Pro Level

Burt Herman – Vice President of Editorial, Livefyre (Storify)
@burtherman |

He says:

Did you know? Storify has a plug-in on Chrome.

Announced today: If you’re a verified site (like NPR), Twitter creates “Related Headlines” to show where else that tweet got linked.

GIF: Google has a “gif” in API to search for animated GIFs! You can drag and embed into stories.

BTW: Yes, Storify has merged with Livefyre but… Storify is still free.

Hey, I know that logo! SHWire D.C. Intern’s tweets on the big screen as part of Herman’s presentation

Meghan Peters – Strategic Partnerships, Journalists, Facebook
@petersmeg |

She says:

819M global monthly users

14:29 minutes spent on mobile monthly

FB drives 2X the traffic of Twitter. (What does this mean for Scripps, since you can’t access our premium content via SM unless you’re a digital subscriber? Are we cool with missing out on this traffic/opportunity to lure subscribers?)

Best content: personal, expresses identity, is visual.

57% more traffic on breaking news when you use hashtag #breaking

Seeing more journos getting good engagement via longer FB posts/commentary in status update and/or notes.

Graph search is EVERYTHING: search photos, video, good way to crowdsource, etc.

Wendi C. Thomas, metro columnist, The Commercial Appeal


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