Breaking news and the Boston Marathon bombing

Some really great things out of the Breaking News: Real-Time Takeaways From the Boston Marathon Bombing Coverage panel:

Social media played a huge role in the aftermath of the bombing.

The good:

  • It became a backup for when email systems crashed.
  • It was used to announce press conferences and get out accurate information.
  • It was a good source of tips.

The bad:

  • Police had to spend a large amount of time correcting misinformation and became a “distraction.”
  • The impact of all the misinformation flowing freely cause anxiety.
  • Medical officials saw it as being unreliable and noisy.

In the aftermath of a tragedy of that caliber, the community needs a few things:

  • To know if people are safe and to let others know they’re safe
  • To know how to stay safe
  • To know how to help others (think Red Cross efforts)
  • To get the information pushed directly to their mobile devices
  • Context, a summary, scale and timeliness
  • Clarification: So much misinformation gets spread as news breaks and in the chaos of such events, so when misinformation gets out there, we need to pull it back and correct it.

We really should reach out to our local police, fire departments and try to figure out a plan for what we’ll do in case something happens in our areas.

– Naudia Jawad, The Commercial Appeal

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One thought on “Breaking news and the Boston Marathon bombing

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